The Abrams Brothers

Canada has a fantastic music scene. In fact, the country has given the world some of the greatest bands ever to exist.

There are so many brilliant Canadian bands out there that we felt that we just had to put together this website. If you browse through this website, you can learn a lot about the Canadian music scene.

Here, we want to run you through some of the greatest bands to hail from Canada.


Nickelback band

Love them or hate them, there is no denying the amount of success that Nickelback have had around the world. Ask just about anybody, and they will probably be able to name at least one Nickelback song. This could be anything from ‘How You Remind Me’ or the classic ‘Rockstar’. This is a band that is still going strong too, with tons of sell out concerts being regularly held around the world.

The Abrams Brothers

The Abrams Brothers band

While the Abrams Brothers may not have achieved the international success that a few of the other bands that we will discuss on this page have had, there is absolutely no denying that they are going to go places. The Abrams Brothers are still in their 20s, but they have already put out a plethora of songs that really talk to your soul. They are a tremendous live act too. If you haven’t seen the Abrams Brothers live, then you are in for a real treat. Many people hail The Abrams Brothers as one of the best live acts on the circuit.


You cannot write a list of the best bands in Canadian music without mentioning Rush. This is a band that has had success over many decades. With classics such as ‘Tom Sawyer’ there will be many that class Rush as absolute rock gods. It is hard to argue with that either. This is one of only a few bands that has enjoyed lasting success. The best part is that they are still producing new music, and it sounds just as great as their hits. If you know Rush, then you will know that everything they put together has its own unique flair, which means that each album that they produce is very, very unique. You do need to check them out at least once.

The Tragically Hip

With countless number 1 albums to their name, it is a surprise that The Tragically Hip have not been heard more globally. This is a band that we would put on the same level as Rush, they are just that good at what they do. We suppose their major issue is that their music is intensely Canadian. Sadly, after 30-years, they had to hang up their touring due to the death of their lead singer. However, this is a band that is going to go down in rock music history.

Billy Talent

Billy Taletn concert

This rock and heavy metal band is one that not many people associate with being Canadian. However, they are Canadian through and through. Their music is loved by generations. The music that Billy Talent produces is among the most expertly crafted music out there. This is one of those bands that has managed to inspire thousands and thousands of people to pick up the guitar. Ask many new heavy metal musicians, and we can bet you that many of them will cite Billy Talent as one of their inspirations.

Great Big Sea

While this band may not have reached the same international stardom that Rush and Billy Talent may have managed to achieve, there is no denying that they produce some amazing music. One of the things that we love about Great Big Sea is that their music really helps to capture the ‘feel’ of the south of Canada. This means that their music has a touch of character that you simply do not find with other hands around the world. They have been in the business for over 20-years now too. This means that you will have a huge back catalogue of Great Big Sea music to explore and listen to!


Metric is one of the best indie bands kicking around Canada right now. Honestly, it is hard to describe their music because it is just so unique. In our opinion, the best way to describe Metric’s music is as a blend between the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This means that their music tries to capture the music style of two bands from the 1960s, albeit ones with a completely different way of playing their music. We reckon that in any other hands, the combination of Beatles and the Rolling Stones would be awful. In the hands of Metric? Well, it is some of the finest music you will ever hear in Canada. It is just that good.


This is another unique Canadian band. If you want to hear Arkells in the way that they are meant to be enjoyed, you need to see them live. There is a nuance to their political lyrics and vocal talents that you would struggle to enjoy in any other way. While they haven’t toured that much outside of Canada yet, there is a reason why shows with Canada featuring Arkells are always close to being sell outs.

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire concert

When it comes to ‘big bands worldwide’, Arcade Fire are one of the best there is. Their rock anthems can bring down the house of any arena that they perform in. This means that if you really want to enjoy the talents of Arcade Fire, you need to go to one of their live shows.

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