Managing a Band

Plan Band Rehearsals

Logically, you can’t go to rehearsal without something to rehearse first, especially if you are a new band. That is why it is important to take into account the creation of the content of the essay or another’s saying what you are going to rehearse.

Before your first rehearsal, make a preliminary list. You should include your basic ideas about what the song should be. Send it out to everyone and ask for their contributions, adding at least 3 additional ideas to the list.

This will help everyone feel valued and truly form part of the group. When creating this list, it is important that everything is kept realistic. If you are going to play something, it has to be something that is within the capabilities and possibilities of the band.

Ask your members what they want to achieve on a musical level, so that all ideas stay alienated. Once you have your preliminary list of activities and songs, you need to organize the date of your first rehearsal together.

When doing this, you must inform the other members what will be happening in the rehearsal. This will help everyone have the same expectations without anyone feeling disappointed.

A recommendation would be to get together to play a song or two from the list, specifying the songs for everyone to bring along and discuss other ideas that others have. By the end of this meeting, they should have had a song or two rehearsed and a list of activities to do and practice.

Determine What Comes Next

For this point it is necessary to clarify the objective of the next tests. These are not going to consist simply of putting new ideas and ready.

They are to unite all the individual efforts that each one has been doing separately. Everyone should practice their own part at home. The time you spend together in rehearsal should be to refine and fill the whole topic.

You may need to arrange a few things, but generally you should be able to attend rehearsals and put the pieces of different arrangements together.

What to do with members who do not measure up

A word of warning: The next trial, or maybe two more, is going to be the first where there are problems.

At this point you will see who has put their effort and dedication into what you are carrying out.

Imagine for example (this happens more often than you can imagine) that one of the members of the band never prepares the songs until rehearsal day (besides not being a virtuoso). Then, he appears in the rehearsal with a vague idea of ​​the subject, you have to wait for him to review the song in the rehearsal itself, wasting time and preventing the project that the musical band involves from slowing down.

This just doesn’t do much for the band.

After three rehearsals like this, there are situations in which if after making him see it in a respectful and polite way, he does not change his attitude, he is asked to leave the band.

This is not always so easy and the world of music bands is full of unpresentable “untouchables” for a myriad of reasons. But we’re not going in there.

If you are seeing these problems early, don’t be afraid to bring order to the situation and go back to looking for someone else. A professional band is not about having to stand behind others; At this point, everyone should know how to do their thing responsibly.