Music Production Mini Guide

A music producer or music professional is the technical and creative leader of a music recording, usually creating the music and sound creation of the track, and reigns supreme over studio personnel and the artist in most popular musical genres. The music producer, or just simply the music pro, is akin to a movie director. Their role varies from band/artists, label executives, lawyers, engineers, and marketers.

Producing music may also require more physical prowess such as the ability to properly mix and monitor. Most producers work out of their home studio with expensive gear and mixers. In addition to mixing and monitoring, a music production expert should have the ability to record a final mix directly from the studio. Sometimes producers are also asked to complete final audio design tasks like mastering or correcting any sounds that are not captured on the recording. Often times, producers will collaborate with the recording engineer and instrumentalist to lay down the final tracks and mix before going to the studio.

If you wish to become a music producer but are unsure how to approach the industry, an internship or training program at a local recording studio may be the perfect choice for you. Interns can provide insight into the recording business by providing insight into what it takes to be a successful music producer and the steps involved to get there. Training programs in the Los Angeles area include a wealth of knowledge about mixing, mastering, and sound design. By participating in a training program, you will learn about how sound engineers are paid, how to produce professional-sounding music, and much more. Once you complete your education, you will be prepared to step into the professional world of music production with confidence and a true understanding of the process.