Our Miss Dee Jewellery Collab

Over the years as travelling musicians we have been approached by a number of exciting brands offering us collaborations to work with them. Usually these occur in the form of free samples being sent to us in return for exposure at live performances and press events. We often work with clothing manufactures, shoe companies and apparel companies and will sport their goods if we like them. So when Miss Dee Jewellery approached us with a collab offer, we were a bit hesitant at first, but after seeing some of the samples that they sent, we decided we wanted to work with them.

miss dee jewellery

Who Are Miss Dee Jewellery?

Miss Dee Jewellery are actually a Nordic brand that mainly focuses on women’s jewellery, however they had been looking at expanding their range into unisex and men’s areas when they approached us. We found very little men’s products online to get a grasp of what their style was like, so they offered to send us a few trial samples prior to us agreeing to any collaboration. What they sent was a nice mix of classic men’s jewellery and chunky modern jewels. We liked what we saw, and so we thought we could trial out some of what they sent at the next gig, as well as ask some family and friends what they thought of our newly acquired jewellery.

The Evolution Of Jewellery

In the past jewellery comprised mainly of precious metals such as silver and gold. In the early part of the 20th century, with the onset of mass production, different kinds of cheaper metal replaced precious metals, including steel. However, even in this period, jewellery continued to be made of precious metals. The first recorded earrings were found in the Czech cemetery during the 10th century BC.

The Greeks and Romans first used gemstones and other objects to create amulets and necklaces. Egyptian jewellery has been found to include many items that are similar to those worn by Greek and Roman cultures, including amulets and beads. The combination of gemstones and precious metals used in jewellery from these early cultures has led to a development of styles of their own, including Celtic designs, Japanese motifs, and abstract designs.


Modern Jewellery Makers

Modern jewellery designers have continued to produce jewellery that exhibits both the diversity and the elegance of the early designs. For example, some pieces have Egyptian influences, while others feature Native American elements. Many modern jewellery have also chosen to incorporate other elements into their designs, creating pieces that not only look striking, but are also practical and suitable for everyday use. A good example of this is pieces that feature simple yet beautiful chunky silver necklaces. These necklaces make great gifts for women who want to add a simple but stunning piece of jewellery to their collection of accessories.

Beaded jewellery was also a popular item of jewellery in earlier times, and it was often worn by nobility in the earlier times. Examples of this jewellery can be seen in court cases from ancient Rome to ancient Egypt. Throughout history, different types of beads and other objects have been used to create different patterns and designs. The Egyptians had an extensive history of making jewellery, and their beads were particularly renowned for their beauty. However, the popularity of beads waned in the Early Middle Ages, when the popularity of metal jewellery started to gain traction. Beaded jewellery is now making a strong comeback, with jewellery using a wider range of materials and styles of beads to create new and exciting designs.